Heading off to SPX tomorrow morning bright and early. Hopefully I'll be able to sell a few of these books so I don't have to carry them back....

Proof arrived!

I realized soon after I uploaded the PDF to Lulu for printing and ordered a proof copy, that I had forgotten to properly order the PDF pages, and insert blanks, etc.

Too late. So I have a proof copy of Broken Chain here now that looks fine, except for the fact that it's all in the wrong order. So the title page is on the left of the 2nd page instead of on the right side (page 3).

No biggie. The correct copy will be here next week (those guys are insanely quick! I put this order in on monday, chose a pricey 2-day ups shipping option, and got the book today. 4 days for all that? Awesome) for me to OK before I go and order the full batch for SPX.

Anyhow, the book looks great. I love that it ended up being the size (in thickness) that I initially had planned. That sounds sort of dumb, but early on I remember not wanting it to be something that could be stapled. I love perfect bound books.

Here are some crappy, blurry cell phone pics since I'm too lazy to get my real camera to take photos.

That page on the left is supposed to be on the right. That page on the right is supposed to be on the next page....

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Finished drawing the book over the holiday weekend.

I'm working on the cover this week, then all is ready for printing yummies.

Home stretch

I'm down to the last 6 pages of drawing to complete Broken Chain.


Should be all done this weekend. Then it's off to be printed.

Can't wait to be done with it for many reasons. But the biggest one right now is that I'm sick of drawing in this style! The next (shorter) book will be in a completely different style, that's for sure.

Oh how I love my new tablet.

New toy tablet! Yay!

(X61 on the left. TC1100 on the right)

My new tablet finally arrived this week!

I bought a Lenovo X61. It's slightly larger than my old one (12" vs. 10") but it weighs about the same. It has a much higher res screen though, so I have so much more space to draw in. I set up both tablets to show the same file at the same zoom level (400%) so you can see the difference in screen resolution.

I'm loving it.

You can view the 3 photos I uploaded to flickr here:

I'll upload some more pics as well as a new video most likely sometime tomorrow or this weekend.

It's so much faster than my TC1100. The pen lag I used to get when working in Flash is almost non-existent. I have 3 weeks of work left for Broken Chain, then it's off to the printers. Gonna be fun fun fun working...

Coming up for air

I've been offline for a while. Got a new job and moved all within the same 4 weeks or so. It was a bit crazy.

Good news is, although the new apt is wall to wall covered in boxes that need unpacking, my tablet is unpacked already, so progress on Broken Chain has resumed. I've been working on the train ride home like I used to so I'm making good daily progress. The end is in sight.
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finding weird old half-finished paintings

So I've finally come up for air after a month or so of crazy working. Weekends, late nights, all of that nonsense.

I decided to work on a new painting this weekend to get me back into art mode and out of coding mode. While searching for a larger watercolor pad, I found and older one with this freaky unfinished painting of jeff_manley I was doing last year or so based on a photo he had for his profile pic on his blog way back when:

Creepy eh? I forget why I was planning on making him more and more creepy now. Probably something to do with a random Slushfactory thread. I was going to mail it out when I bought something maybe? I forget now.