SPX is a-comin' - part 2

Here's the cover of the insanely short preview I'll have this weekend at SPX.

I hope to see everyone there!

Don't forget: any gifts of standard Chocoalate Nesquik = free books from me. I know you all have one or two of those rolling around in the bottom of your messenger bags/purses to give me. I always get swamped with the crowds at these shows handing me all this free Nesquik, so you better act fast!

SPX is a-comin'

I'll be heading to Bethesda, MD this weekend for SPX with my lady friend. I'll be selling the tired old classic of mine "Broken Chain" (now in second printing!!!!!11!!). Now's your chance to snatch up (for $2 off the regular price even!) that SMASH hit that describes as "not terrible."

Don't miss out!

PLUS (if I can make it to Kinkos this week) I'll have a few pages to give out as a preview of my next book which I think will be titled "Roleplay."

I'll post some pics from that soon.

Figure drawing

I recently picked up a bottle of Speedball Super pigmented black ink to try and mess with some new brushes I bought.

And since I'm too lazy to go out to a real figure drawing class on the weekend, I went to Flickr instead. Tons of photographers on there doing good nudes. Perfect for drawing.

Here are 4 I did last night, straight brush, no pencils (scary, since I make so many mistakes). They came out better than I had hoped. I've got a long way to go, but it definitely got me loving the brush on my sketchbook. The texture on the paper is great.

something weird going on with her left arm...

this girl had her hair down in her face. something I didn't capture at all. :)


Go Joe

I found this in a pile of old photos that were in some random box I haven't seen since high school or earlier.

Many many awesome things in this pic.

1. Both I and my brother are wearing those one piece pajamas that even had built in slippers.

2. Every gift under the tree is wrapped identically.

3. You can just barely catch a glimpse of the black kung-fu slippers my dad used to wear.

4. The massive cheese on my face after getting some super awesome G.I. Joe figure.
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QR Codes

Anyone out there familiar with QR Codes? They're not too big over here, but in places like japan they're all over the place.

Basically they're these small square barcode looking things that contain info in them. What you do is use your phone's camera to take a pic of the qr code, then it'll show you the web page, or email or any other text that is in that code.

It's slick.

Here are two I made that have links for ordering Broken Chain on, the other has a link to my website.

I made two using this QR Code generator. I'm using this app called QuickMark. If you have a symbian or Windows Mobile phone you should install it and try it out.

I'll probably add the website one to the back of my books from now on for my QR people who are in-the-know...
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SPX is over!

Back home and awaiting the wonderful feeling of sleep in my own bed...

I had an awesome time this year. Sold 27 of my 50 books and gave the rest out to publishers, retailers and press. It was cool to have a few people come up to me who had picked up the preview at SPX last year, and were now coming to buy the full book.

I was sharing a table with Matt Silady who was selling his book The Homeless Channel. Matt's a great guy. Super nice. He introduced me to a ton of people and even pimped my book out a few times. :) Go buy his book.

I'll post a more detailed breakdown of what I bought and all that jazz tomorrow. For now, one more seperate post and then off to bed...
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